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Our core business are medical congresses. In Germany, but also in other European countries, we develop ideas, marketing and convention concepts for seminars, annual meetings and multi-day congresses. Always tailored to the aims of the host, needs of attendees and industry partners as well as the possibilities of the respective venue. And always in close cooperation with you. For you are the expert in your field; we follow your lead, and design and implement your event.

Each congress is looked after individually by a team specially recruited by wikonect. We can build on our huge network of partners, with whom we enjoy an excellent cooperation. A large number of our clients have been loyal to us for many years – that is the greatest compliment we can hope to get – and it makes us very proud indeed. And we even take it a step further than that. Medical congresses are our homebase. But we can also do training sessions, kick-offs, public, corporate and staff events.