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For us, making our team members feel good is an important aspect. Therefore the hallmarks of our cooperation are a flat hierarchy, short chains of command and a strong team spirit.


  • A strong team spirit is very important to us – this also applies to conflicts that we resolve through honest and open discussions
  • A high degree of respect, sympathy and empathy for one another are part of a good atmosphere in our teams
  • We stand out for an independent way of working within the scope of our responsibilities and we support one another


  • Even though we already have a strong professional expertise, we don’t want to rest on our laurels but commit to continuous professional development
  • Good to know: we are not a big corporation that runs like clockwork – but an agile agency who wants to keep developing and growing; and anyone who wants to show initiative by rolling up their sleeves and being part of this should be a perfect match for us
  • However, we are basically well structured, so that even fresh minds will soon find their way around by following the documented processes
  • Another thing is clear: on some days you need a certain degree of flexibility to be able to react to unforeseeable events in our industry in a service-oriented manner