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We are a young congress and event management agency based in Wiesbaden, the capital of the federal state of Hessen and an additional office in NRW, Werne. As a full-service company we will support you with your projects and enable a scientific transfer, encounters and networking. Commitment, transparency, a partnership approach and mutual trust take centre stage for us – good events are based on emotions and affinities, which one should already be able to feel before the event.
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Wir sind ein erfahrener Professional Congress Organizer (PCO) und somit Kompetenzträger für die Entwicklung und Vermittlung wissenschaftlicher Inhalte. Unser Schwerpunkt liegt im medizinischen Sektor; im Sinne des Transfer beschäftigen uns aber auch ganz andere Themen. Wir unterstützen wissenschaftliche Gesellschaften, Verbände und Unternehmen bei der Umsetzung unterschiedlichster Veranstaltungsformate. Bei Seminaren, Tagungen und Kongressen kümmern wir uns darum, dass Ihr Wissen, Ihre Botschaft, Ihre Marke auf anspruchsvollem Niveau präsentiert werden.
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Due to our long-standing experience we know how important it is not only to communicate knowledge but also to create the perfect setting for face-to-face communication and encounters. This is not just a matter of the right venue but also of an appropriate schedule: For example, breaks should be introduced to provide space for things, topics and encounters that develop spontaneously. We are attentive and open to your needs. We look at things through our clients’ eyes. This is mirrored, for example, by the choice of a suitable venue or a transparent budget calculation. You will always receive an optimum package of measures enabling you to effectively convey your message to the target group in question.


Nowadays, methods of communicating knowledge have changed enormously – and so has the congress landscape. Knowledge is no longer exclusively conveyed by classroom-style presentations. In the past, it was all about one informed speaker imparting knowledge to an uninformed crowd; monologues were the order of the day. Today, knowledge can also be shared by the audience and in a plenary session. All attendees of a congress contribute to sharing knowledge through constant communication. We see congresses as a platform for contacts of an educational nature. wikonect stands out for its inspiring ideas: We support you with new formats and even with unusual sponsoring concepts.